Traditions and events

Among the festivity religious they are to remember the Denner of S. Joseph that they annually develop him in the island of Marettimo, to Salemi and in the valley of the Belìce. The party has distant traditions until in the past centuries. For the occasion are arranged games , melodious demonstrations, musical and evening shows. Some days before the commemorative day (19 March) the houses can be visited in which the altars are prepared devoted to the Saint and decorated with the typical ones "panuzzi" (typical bread). The festivity also includes typical lunches and ritual processions.

Church of Saint Maria of the Jesus (it contain a Madonna with child of Andrew of the Robbia) . In the historical Center, the Church of the Purgatory with the front planned by the architect G. B. Amico, where are guarded the twenty Sacred Groups of the Mysteri in Trapani. Every year, the Friday Saint they renew the passion of Jesus Christ in an imposing procession that crosses, for 24 consecutive hours, the roads of the Historical Center. On the slope sea, are notable the Castle of the Colombaia.

Tie customary religious place, every five years, the feasts of Sts. Crucifix in Calatafimi whose parade of floats to relive the events biblical. On the place of Favignana have artistic and cultural events related to its rite of tuna fishing, the mattanza.

In the month of August These are held annually both religious celebrations in honor of Madonna of Trapani and the ancient feast of San Vito, the patron protector of the city.

During the second week of September, in San Vito Lo Capo takes place Couscous Festival, an International Visitor culture and gastronomy of the Mediterranean, with permanent exhibitions and tasting of typical Sicilian products and exhibition of artefacts related to tuna fishing.


During the festivities of the "dead", the windows of most bakeries in Trapani will decorated with the "pupi" with sugar and fruit martorana that gived as a present from parents to children during this holiday, would be taken instead, according to an ancient belief, right from the dead during the night deposit, together with these other gifts for children as a sign of an emotional bond that lasts beyond earthly life.


The first announcement of Christmas is a Erice with ciaramellari who come from all over the province for the review of the premium Zampogna gold; in Trapani are the fruit announce that the holiday selling to the families of every kind of spice and flavour (laurel, rosemary, moss) for the home decoration of the crib. On the evening of 12 December another famous custom want you prepare the old pet food based on wheat, seasoned cooked with wine, sugar, chocolate and cinnamon in homage to Saint Lucia, holidays that renews itself every 13 December. A Custonaci the last months of the year is devoted entirely to the reconstruction of the birth of Jesus in prehistoric cave Scurati living with the crib.

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