Terme Segestane

terme segestane castellamare segesta Piscina Terme Segestane

Le Terme Segestane si trovano a Castellammare del Golfo in località Ponte Bagni. Le sue acque sono ipertermali e sgorgano ad una temperatura di circa 44° C.


Nello stabilimento termale troviamo due piscine di cui una per bambini, e la grotta detta della regina una vera e propria sauna naturale.


Tra i numerosi trattamenti praticati alle terme Segestane, ricordiamo la bagnoterapia, fanghi, grotte, massaggi, idromassaggi, aerosol, inalazioni ed irrigazioni.

Si curano inoltre le patologie dermatologiche, dell'apparato motorio e respiratorio.


Segestane thermal baths

Not far from Castellammare del Golfo, and more exactly in the Ponte Bagni district, are located the famous Segestane thermal baths, that take their name from the nearby ancient city of Segesta.

These hot springs were mentioned by ancient writers like Strabo and Diodorus Siculus, who tell us that Hercules himself bathed in the waters prepared by the nymphs, to rest his tired limbs during his famous journey from Piloro to Erice, an episode also cited by Goethe in his "Travels around Italy".

The saline sulphurous waters, with a high mineral content (above all rich in hydrogen sulphate) are hyperthermal (gushing out, in fact, at a temperature of 46°/47°C); the Terme Segestane have been used for centuries for their extraordinary therapeutic properties.

Rheumatic pathologies (inflammatory and degenerative arthropathies, articular rheumatics, rheumatoid arthritis), dermatological pathologies (psoriasis, eczema, atopic and seborrhoeic dermatitis), respiratory pathologies (chronic pharyngeal laryngitis, chronic tracheitis and bronchitis, chronic vasomotor rhinopathies, chronic sinusitis), gout, uricaemia and obesity, are all among the conditions treatable here. The waters, used for balneotherapy in baths and in a natural pool, are also used for the preparation of curative mud, whereas anthrotherapy is practised in the sudatory caves, at a temperature of about 38°C. Inhalation, aerosol, hydromassage and nasal irrigation are all available.

The new thermal baths, built in 1958, was enlarged and modernised in 1990.